G'day my name is Koda

I’m a pitbull mix and a specially trained BMSD

(Brace And Mobility Support Dog) service dog. You can read all about BMSD dogs and what they do at Anything Pawsable. 


I was born in 2012 in New York and the first year of my life was tumultuous.  I was adopted by a family with lots of young children but the owner of their rental home did not like that I was running around in the paddock where he kept his cows. They put me up for re-homing on Craigslist and I was taken in by a man.  Unfortunately, he was a known abuser but a kind lady noticed I was there and rescued me and took me to Kent Animal Control.


At the shelter and with the help of Almost Home, they noticed my potential and contacted Animal Farm Foundation’s Assistance Dog Program. 


After a couple of years of training, I became a fully certified serviced dog.


When I am working, I wear my uniform.  My uniform consists of a padded vest with strategically placed handles for my human.  It does not look like the traditional stiff harness because I need to maneuver and fit in strange angles to help. In crowded areas, you may see me wearing a leather head harness. This is not a muzzle.  It helps my human and I communicate without words.


Please ask my handler if you can say “hi”. She will usually say “yes” but please do not be offended if she says “no”; it means she really needs me to focus to take care of her and keep her safe.

Please do not ask if you can give me a treat or offer me food.

The answer will be a firm “no”; when I am working, I cannot be distracted from my handler.

Off Duty

When I am not working, I love playing with my older brother Riker (he’s an English bulldog/German Shepherd) and chewing on antlers.  My favourite treat is roasted seaweed.  I get a bath at least once a week and because my skin is sensitive, I also get a weekly coconut oil body mask, which I love to help lick off.

Fiona Gilbert


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