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Fiona is the world’s first Wellness Concierge and is widely recognized as the leading medical fitness trainer of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Fiona with Patient


In 2003, Fiona was diagnosed with a degenerative neurological condition that affected my ability to walk.  Instead of accepting the doctor’s prognosis of a life in a wheelchair, she was determined to control her own destiny and began studying adaptive fitness therapy.  Four years later, healthy and in the best condition of her life, Fiona started to receive requests to train individuals also suffering from pain and limited mobility.

Today, Fiona has expanded her practice far beyond medical fitness to train professionals who appreciate her individualized, efficient body mechanic approach to fitness.


From the lifelong weekend warrior who needs assistance recovering from injury, to the couch potato just beginning their path to fitness, Fiona tailors each session to help you take control of your health quotient and achieve your individual fitness goals.  She strongly believes that fitness is a tool to help you lead an exhilarating life and not that dreaded activity you have to do for 60 minutes. Activity should be fun, safe and efficient.

Fiona and Koda

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Fiona Gilbert


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